The Summer Academy

This July, I was happy to once again teach at The Summer Academy, in Sunningdale, UK. The Summer Academy is a 2-3 week boarding school experience for kids aged between 7-14, from abroad and from the UK, who are looking to possibly attend boarding schools here in the near future.

My role was to improve, and build upon, the students' English skills, in preparation for their education over here. Moreover, the course is designed to give students an insight into the British way of life, by covering topics such as food, art and sports. 


The two weeks of teaching were jam-packed with quizzes, group tasks, art work, and written exercises, all designed to develop key competencies in the target language - writing, speaking, reading and comprehension. Our small group of eight soon became a closely-bonded team, who worked together to encourage and push each other to improve their English.

Outside of lessons, the Academy days were filled with sports, activities such as forest school, treasure hunts, and trips to Oxford and Windsor. There were even some water sports to keep the kids cool in this heat we're having! All the kids at camp spent their days laughing and learning, and it was a pleasure to be a part of their experience.

If you'd like to learn more about The Summer Academy, check out their website: