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The Three P's of Perfect Tuition

Great tutors are a combination of many qualities; they are great listeners, adaptable, knowledgeable, and great communicators. Amongst all of these qualities, however, three stand out – the three P’s. They turn a great tutor into an even greater tutor. 

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Perfecting The Partnership

One of the greatest aspects of tuition is the one-on-one attention you get from you teacher. Therefore, for tutoring to be as successful as possible, it’s key to build a strong, professional relationship with your tutor, whether you're a student or a parent. Just what is the best way to achieve this? Read on the find out!

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Shaping Self-Starters


‘Improvement begins with I’ – and education begins with every child’s (and adult’s) individual ability. At a time when rigorous testing, and results-focused teaching, seems to be at the core of education, I thought it would be interesting to focus on the importance of being a ‘self-starter’, and how motivation can be the key accelerant for excellent learning.

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