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The Three P's of Perfect Tuition

Great tutors are a combination of many qualities; they are great listeners, adaptable, knowledgeable, and great communicators. Amongst all of these qualities, however, three stand out – the three P’s. They turn a great tutor into an even greater tutor. 

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Summer Supplies

Exams are over, the weather iswarmer…and afternoons stretch into long evenings. Summer is here. While this can be a wonderful respite after the hectic days of exams, it can also present a problem for tutors – how do I fill my time and keep my earnings up? Read on to find out a few of my top tips…

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Teaching Trouble

One of the greatest aspects of tutoring is the wide array of people you get to meet. With this, however, inevitably comes some trickier elements, especially with groups or couples - arguing siblings, lovers’ tiffs, you name it. In this article I’ll share some of my top tips on how to deal with these teaching troubles, and have successful lessons.

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