Summer Supplies

Exams are over, the weather is finally…okay, it’s still raining but it’s mildly warmer…and afternoons stretch into long evenings. Summer is here. While this can be a wonderful respite after the hectic days of exams, it can also present a problem for tutors – how do I fill my time and keep my earnings up? Read on to find out a few of my top tips…

1.   Diversify

One of the best ways for tutors to ensure a steady income is to make sure that they have students of all ages and abilities. Over summer, I am able to dedicate a lot more time to my older/adult students, and this also keeps my work engaging and fresh. Putting up flyers in your local area (coffee shops, notice boards etc.), and word of mouth through parents of your students are great ways of finding adult students.


2.   Summer Camps

This is a great tip, especially if you have ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching experience. There are many summer camps across the country where children from abroad come to experience life, and that of British boarding schools, before moving into full-time education in the UK. ESL teachers are in demand for these camps, in order to develop the English skills of the children participating, and it can be a truly fun and rewarding experience. They usually have a duration of 2-3 weeks, and often pay very well. 

3.   Teaching Abroad

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to travel whilst using your teaching skills, then summer is a great time to do so. There are numerous opportunities to tutor abroad, especially if you want to teach English and have your TEFL qualification. This can be a great way to keep your income going over the summer, whilst having some adventures too! Be sure to sign up to ‘travelling tutor’ websites/agencies, who are best placed to offer posts abroad.


4.   Business Tuition

Many workplaces are aware of the importance and benefits of language skills, and are looking to incorporate language learning into their company. Using platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to connect with local businesses, and to increase awareness of the services you offer. Moreover, there are often local business magazines where you can place adverts promoting your tuition. Teaching within the workplace is a great way to ensure steady income throughout the year, and will add another string to your bow!

The seasonal shifts that occur with tuition can often be hard to become accustomed too. The best way to maintain a steady workload and income is to be proactive, and diversify the services you offer, and the skills you have. Continued professional development on your part will mean you are able to branch out and offer services such as business tuition, or the ability to work at summer camps, ensuring a strong stream of income year-round.