September Shortcuts

September is here, school has started, and summer is on its way out of the door. Gone are the long, lazy evenings of July and August, and the days with no schedule. Shorter days, however, are not the only thing that can be difficult to get used to – getting back into the school routine can be a struggle for both parents and students alike. How can you ease the transition back into school life? Read on to find out my top tips.

1. Routine, routine, routine

Getting into a term-time routine as soon as possible is the most important way to make the transition back into school life more manageable. If possible, start a few weeks before term, by making sure your kids have set bedtime and morning routines in place, and so will find it easier when those early mornings roll round once again.

school days

2. Slow and steady study

This tip is especially important for children going into exam years, such as those taking their GCSEs or A-Levels. A couple of months away from the books can make the workload once back at school seem all the more heavy, and language knowledge especially can erode if left dormant over summer. In order to ease back into regular studying, try and make sure your kids are doing some light work in the weeks leading up to the new school year. This can be anything from work set by their subject teachers, to more ‘passive’ studying, such as listening to podcasts in their target language (French, or Spanish, for example), or watching subject-related documentaries on YouTube. There are plenty of resources out there for them to benefit from.

3. Get a handle on homework

The beginning of the school year will likely be when the workload is the lightest, so it is the best time to start as you mean to go on, and get on top of homework. Using planners to mark down all work set, and their due dates, and then doing weekly, manageable, homework plans in order to get the work done will set a great precedent for the rest of the year. Taking the time to do your own studying or research on topics you find interesting will also greatly benefit you throughout the school year.


4. Make a list, and check it twice

Checklists are a great way to ensure you are prepared for school, and have everything you need. Whether it’s a school bag checklist to make sure you don’t leave important books behind in the morning, or a night-time routine list that will help to make sure you can sleep peacefully without any niggling, undone tasks bugging you, lists will help you to be as prepared as can be.

5. An apple a day

Keeping fit and eating a healthy, balanced diet are incredibly important when it comes to keeping up brainpower throughout the year. Making sure that your child takes time get outdoors and get their blood pumping, and also eat a healthy diet with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, will mean that back-to-school fatigue won’t hit them so hard. It will also allow them to have the energy to study hard, and enjoy all their extra-curricular activities too.

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September can be a hectic time, with a new school year to adjust to, and the transition of unlimited hours of fun in the sunshine being traded in for timetables, commitments, and homework. With the help of these tips, however, the new term will hopefully be more of a smooth transition from summer, and less of a shock to the system.