Seasonal Study

So, you’ve made it through the first term back at school – both parents and kids – and the holidays are fast approaching. While lazier days lie ahead, it’s important to consider how learning can be sustained, especially for those in their GCSE or A-Level years. In this post, I share my view on how much time should be spent on studying instead of Santa.


For those in their GCSE year, there will more than likely be homework set by subject teachers to tide you over the festive period. Be sure to spread these out, and do not leave them all until the night you go back to school! Besides the set work, reviewing your mocks (if you took them before Christmas), and working on weak areas would be a wise use of time. Perhaps think about creating a mini revision planner, mapping out some key topics to revise over the holidays – this will also give you useful planning practice for when it comes to the real thing! Remember to schedule in regular breaks and holly jolly Christmas fun too!


For all other students, with no exams on the horizon, the key is to enjoy your free time. You’ll soon have days filled with revision lists and plans, so use the holidays to relax and see your friends. Complete any homework you may have due, and if any subjects are really troubling you, then consider scheduling in some sessions with a tutor. These can really help you sustain your learning whilst you’re away from school, and help ease your subject-related worries.

Overall, remember that Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family and friends, and a few days off will not make you fail your exams. Revision can be scaled back, but make sure to plan out the study that you will do over the holidays, and keep track of your progress. If any academic worries arise, remember that us little helpers – tutors – are there to bring you the gift of peace of mind this festive season.