Family Fun

Oftentimes, tutors can be regarded as helpers reserved for the young, or the teenage, stressed-out students going through the rigours of exams. Our skills, however, are more varied than they may first appear, and reach beyond school years, delving deep into adulthood. With summer approaching, how about filling those long summer days with some family fun, and learning a language together? In this post, I’ll explore the reasons why this just might be a ‘bonne idée’!


The combination of endless free time and ever-busy parents can produce somewhat of a summer conundrum: how do you find the time to keep the kids busy, and also spend time as a family? While the usual solutions may spring quickly to mind – weekends away, summer camps – another may not. Learning a new skill is not only a great way to keep little brains engaged and active, but also a brilliant way to share an experience as a family, and have fun at the same time.

Picking up a new language together is one activity that can be fun and rewarding, and a great way to fill some summer time together as a family. Though some parents can be apprehensive as to how a tutor can teach a group of such varying ages, as long as you are all starting out as beginners, this can be done quite easily. The first step is to find a tutor who not only has experience teaching groups, but a wide range of ages too, as this will mean they are best placed to teach families. Have a look on tutoring websites, and through Google, and don’t be afraid to try out some lessons with a few different tutors before finding the right one for you.


Once you start language lessons as a family, the benefits of doing so should become clear. For the kids, learning in their free time, and with their parents, should make them forget they are even learning at all! Language-related games and activities provided by the tutor should add to this feeling of fun, too. For the adults, you’ll be multi-tasking mavens – spending quality time as a family, while picking up a new skill that could be beneficial for work, or even just your next holiday abroad!

Boredom can be hard to keep at bay as the summer stretches on, so educational activities that don’t feel like ‘schoolwork’ can be great brain boosters for the kids, and a nice break from the routine of work, or life in general, for the adults. Working together, and encouraging each other’s progress in your tuition sessions can be an excellent bonding experience for families, so next time you’re looking for an afternoon-filling activity, think tuition!