Tuition’s Many Talents

Natasha Saednejad MTA highlights how tutors support a wide range of students, from children to adults, and explains the challenges of adapting to their individual needs.

Mention to anyone that you work as a tutor, and nine times out of ten the image that will pop up in their head is that of an after-school teacher helping youngsters through exams, and the general stresses and strains of school life.

Natasha Saednejad
The Role of Languages in 2017

In a world of Brexit, Trump and seemingly general unrest, I have lately been considering the importance of communication – and more specifically of languages themselves. With the creation of both physical and metaphorical barriers occurring across the world, it seems to me now more important than ever to assess how languages can work to transgress those boundaries, and to explore what other benefits languages can provide.

Natasha Saednejad